Cielo 1908 presents a family of classic premium italian wine, like Ripasso Valpolicella, Amarone Valpolicella

Since 1908 our family is committed to deliver great quality wines.
Today we celebrate our history with these superpremium wines from Veneto region.

Cielo Bianco Spumante

Grapes: Mainly Corvina Veronese
Denomination:Valpolicella DOC
Alcohol:14% by vol.
Serving temperature:16°C
Colour:garnet red
Bouquet:intense aroma
Taste:dry velvety taste, with cherry finish, robust and balanced body
Serving suggestions:game, roasted red meats and hard mature cheeses

Cielo Bianco Spumante

Grapes: Mainly Corvina Veronese
Denomination: Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG
Alcohol: 15% by vol.
Serving temperature: 16°C
Colour: intense garnet red
Bouquet: red fruit hints and spicy notes
Taste: full and velvety body, with cherry after taste and some vanilla flavours
Serving suggestions: game, roasted red meats and hard mature cheeses