Drinking wine with mindfulness means paying attention to the particolarity and understanding each sip, without exagerating.

It is important to recognise wine is a fruit of nature, cultivated with respect and care during an entire year and lasting for years if well protected. Enjoy the beauty of life in a glass.


Drinking wine or any other alcoholic beverage requires "Mindfulness". Wine has always been a part of our culture, a social activity that helps to bring people together, but as anything done with no control, without "mindfulness", it could affect your health, relationships and weight. We don't want to be a consultant but we invite our consumers to drink responsibly and enjoy the cultural / social side of wine, to learn their limits early on and to consult a specialist if they cannot control their drinking.

Please take a look at this calorie graph based on a standard 100ml glass of any beverage with different alc% content

wine mindfulness