Ekuò sustainable

4 “E” philosophy

Our winery has embraced the concept of sustainability according to the "EKUO' Sustainable" model, created with Ekuo' Murialdo World onlus with the aim of finding a new balance of the following 4 STRATEGIC "e" factors:

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Long term and healthy growth.

  • Partnership with local vine growers to provide enhanced and more fair value along the entire supply chain.
  • Markets and Portfolio diversification to give more stability.
  • Long term profitability with Low Financial Leverage to reduce risk.

More eco-friendly wines.

  • Sustaina​ble viticulture protocol followed by our vine grower partners.
  • 70% lighter bottles, only 360 grams.
  • Use of F.S.C. responsible paper for our labels and cartons.
  • 100% energy produced by renewable source - Download Certificate
  • Better and formal Environmental management with our new achieved protocol "UNI EN ISO 14001 2004" - 2

More attention to our stakeholders’ needs to communicate the inner social value of wine in history.

  • Lean-management: More and more group activities and never-ending improvement approach.
  • Emotional intelligence: Be open and active in our supply chain to create new values for all.
  • Training courses for members of our winery.
  • Better and formal Occupational, Health and safety management system wit our new achieved protocol "BS OHSAS 18001 2007"-2

More attention to people in need, considering that a healthier & happier world is the key factor in any long term business model, thus the following charity projects have been activated:

Direct support to Ekuò Social Enterprises to create employment opportunities.

Blu Project

31 water wells built in Africa to pay back our high usage of water and to provide higher life expectations.

Add a place to the table

Direct Support of a school in Colombia to provide better life opportunities.